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"Why I firmly believe Tim Coll is the right person to serve as Public Safety Commissioner of Saratoga Springs..."

Tim’s professional and personal life experiences, tested leadership skills, and problem-solving methods, as well as his respect for all stakeholders and members of our community make him uniquely qualified to fulfill the role of public safety commissioner. 


He has served in leadership positions in the FBI, giving him a strong background in law enforcement that has included the development of training protocols and policies, problem solving and implementation of investigations and programs.  On a personal level he has had extended family members who have struggled with issues of homelessness and substance abuse, and he has a keen awareness and interest in addressing and finding solutions to many of the social issues that all communities are affected by, including Saratoga Springs. He is no stranger to Saratoga County, having worked as a supervisor in the Albany FBI office from 2000 to 2020, lived in Clifton Park from 2000 – 2019 and has lived and worked in Saratoga Springs since 2019. 


Over the past several years, in different settings, I have had the opportunity to have many in-depth conversations with Tim about different issues facing our city.  What I have observed in Tim is that he is thoughtful and does his homework, by first doing his research, trying to learn as much as he can about the issue.  He is also a good listener, reaching out to learn from the various stakeholders around an issue, to hear their perspectives and concerns and to become better educated about the multi-faceted sides of complex issues.  


Tim is also a consensus builder, who can work collaboratively with a diversity of individuals, groups and organizations representing varied interests to develop solutions to complex challenges.  And then after considering all the above, I have observed that he is able to develop a plan of action including policies and procedures to address the challenge.


In Saratoga Springs, we have people and groups of people with many different primary concerns and perspectives that make up our community.  Tim has the qualifications and capacity to address the public safety issues facing Saratoga Springs and the heart and sensitivity to ensure all stakeholders concerns are heard and addressed.  I see him as well qualified to fill the duties of Public Safety Commissioner in helping to keep our community as a whole, as well as each individual living, working and visiting Saratoga Springs safe.  


A person who is a registered Democrat, and who can obtain the endorsement of both the Republican Party and the One Saratoga Independent line for Public Safety Commissioner, is certainly a unifier and consensus builder and a very rare commodity in our polarized political world.  Tim Coll serving as Public Safety Commissioner will give us all another reason to be hopeful for the future of Saratoga Springs. 


This is why I am enthusiastically endorsing Tim Coll for Public Safety Commissioner.


Douglas Karrel

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