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Meet Tim Coll

It's Time for New Leadership & Repairing Relationships in Our Community

I'm Tim Coll. I'm a retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with 30 years of law enforcement experience. I led Albany Division’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and was their International Program Coordinator. I was a volunteer youth coach of many sports before moving into Saratoga Springs. I am married to my wife, Laura, and we have two adult children. We both enjoy walking and hiking together at SPAC.

As Public Safety Commissioner I hope to repair and restore relationships that have been damaged by the current City Council.


This city needs less drama and more thoughtful leadership. I have watched with increasing concern the exodus of some of our most valued employees from city hall. Nowhere is this trend more alarming than in the police department where most of the leadership has either resigned, taken early retirement, or announced their early retirement.


In order to carry out local police work, we depend upon a close working relationship with the District Attorney (DA) who must prosecute our cases. I have worked extensively with prosecutors over my long career. I feel confident that I can rebuild our relationship with the DA despite the unhelpful conflict that has come to dominate the city’s relationship with that office.


Homelessness is a growing problem in our city. The reality is that addressing homelessness has a law enforcement element, a mental health element, and a social work element. Over emphasizing any of these will undermine any effort to successfully deal with this issue.

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Tim and Pat Coll,

Tim's Sons

"Growing up we watched our father protect the community and this country while he was in the FBI. He is a selfless leader in every endeavor he takes on."

Andy Vale, Former Assistant Director FBI

"I have known Tim for 17 years as a person of fairness, integrity, and compassion."

Joe Balsamo,

Saratoga Neighbor

"Tim is always thinking about safety, so you don't have to."
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