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One Saratoga is a non-partisan coalition that wants the best-qualified people governing Saratoga Springs. We came together in 2019 out of concern for our City’s well-being. We include committed people who keep close tabs on our City’s governance and are willing to devote effort to this project. Our watchword, “City before party,” seeks to unite the community, avert partisan rancor and extremism, and encourage serious candidates for public service.

We seek candidates who bring the right character and motivation when they are asked to govern our City. Sincere dedication to public service, honesty, civility and a record of working productively with others are some qualities we look for. 

Tim Coll is one such candidate and we are proud to endorse him for Commissioner of Public Safety of Saratoga Springs.

"We are pleased to announce that One Saratoga has endorsed Tim Coll for Public Safety."
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